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Certified Elevator Inspectors & Safety Experts

Elevators are the world’s safest means of transportation, followed closely by escalators.

In order for these devices to provide safe, reliable operation, they must be designed and constructed according to very specific codes, and receive service on a regular basis. Elevator accidents in the United States are mercifully rare, but the consequences are often life-changing or even life-ending for the victims, and frequently result in litigation. Elevator companies often employ their own attorneys who are well versed in applicable codes, standards, and case law pertaining to elevator-related injuries and fatalities, whereas many attorneys find that they will only encounter one or two elevator and escalator cases in their entire career. Retaining the services of an experienced firm like Kevin J. Doherty & Associates can be critical to the result of a case.

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Elevator personnel who demonstrate a superior knowledge, competence, and experience of elevator and escalator codes rise to standards defined by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). ASME offers an internationally accepted test designed to certify that proficiency – known as “Qualified Elevator Inspector” (QEI). Our staff possess these international certifications.

Areas Of Expertise

Expert Testimony

In cases of bodily harm resulting from elevator or escalator malfunctions, expert analysis and testimony may be instrumental in determining liability. Kevin J. Doherty & Associates are prepared to analyze data and report our observations and conclusions impartially, clearly and concisely. Our expert witness testimony is supplemented by detailed exhibits, photographs, drawings, and slides, providing reliability and documentation in the courtroom setting. Our expert witnesses have had their testimony recognized in courts at the local, state, and federal levels.

“Kevin Doherty is very knowledgeable, thorough, credible and well prepared. He was excellent to work with and his fees were reasonable. I would not hesitate to work with Kevin in the future and would highly recommend him to others who are in need of an elevator expert.”

Rebecca J. Britton, Britton Law, P.A.

“Not only was [Kevin Doherty] articulate and extremely presentable at deposition, he was well prepared, insightful, and deliberate in his testimony. His fee was very reasonable and worth every penny. I am thoroughly convinced that Kevin Doherty would be an asset to anyone in need of an expert in the field of elevators, and I give my highest recommendation.”

Joel H. Kaufman, Esq.

“Kevin Doherty proved his worth in gold as an expert in a recent elevator negligence case. Kevin is very personable, articulate and knowledgeable, which enables him to explain the technical workings of an elevator in a manner that is easy for a layperson (and attorney) to understand. He ably assisted me in my preparation for the deposition of the defense’s expert witness. His technical knowledge helped me to frame specific and tightly formed questions which gave the defense expert little wiggle room. We were able to settle the case shortly after the deposition. His value exceeds his price.”

J. Rufus Farrior, Farrior & Associates

Failure Analysis

The cause of an equipment failure is not always clear – an expert assessment of an incident can determine true liability. Kevin J. Doherty & Associates is dedicated to making honest, accurate engineering judgments based on all available site information, laboratory tests, and historical data. Initial and prompt inspection of debris, combined with laboratory testing, can provide pinpoint accuracy in determining cause of failure. After a careful analysis of all components, we will determine the cause of failure, support our assessment both in oral and written form, and provide our client with supplemental, documented information as supporting evidence of our findings.

Evaluating Scope of Damage

Evaluations of damaged equipment requires an assessment of salvageability and determination of replacement cost & feasibility of reconstruction. Kevin J. Doherty & Associates provide expert estimation and evaluation based on decades of combined experience with practical construction knowledge to this phase of the consultation.

Reconstruction Monitoring

Monitoring the reconstruction process involves vigilant oversight of contractor charges, purchases, labor and equipment. In each of these areas, Kevin J. Doherty & Associates have repeatedly demonstrated their substantial construction management experience. Our ability to analyze and forecast expenses & time frames ensures that any problems are quickly and efficiently resolved. We provide time saving and cost efficient project management throughout all phases of construction.