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Kevin J. Doherty & Associates are referenced in many instances by Westlaw. We have participated in multiple cases that occurred throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have a long track record of successfully determining causality after injurious incidents.

It is imperative you contact us as soon as possible upon receipt of your case.

An expeditious examination by Kevin J. Doherty & Associates ensures against the deterioration or destruction of vital evidence. The strongest, most comprehensive, and accurate case files are developed when our experts are retained immediately after an incident.

  • We will review your case gratis to determine the merits.
  • Once retained, we will examine all relevant documentation – we will provide you with an exhaustive list of documents designed to strengthen your case file.
  • At your discretion, we will sit by your side during depositions of opposing parties.
  • We will provide affidavits, depositions, and a well documented opinion – complete with photos and references if necessary.
  • If the case requires a jury trial, we will communicate the cause of failure to the jurors during testimony in a clear and concise manner.
  • We are always responsive to your meritorious direction.


You can count on Kevin J. Doherty & Associates to be there when the need arises. We will respond to your request to evaluate the condition of your elevating equipment in a timely manner. Where injury is possible, requests for examination become priorities.

Our four point examination program consists of:

  1. Discussions with your maintenance personnel during an entrance conference;
  2. Review of existing service tickets from your servicing contractor;
  3. Examination of your elevator/escalator machine room equipment;
  4. Examination of your elevator/escalator hoistway/runway equipment.

The results of our examination are then codified in a written report and discussed with management personnel during our exit conference.


Kevin J. Doherty & Associates bring decades of practical experience with elevator and escalator technology to any vertical transportation project. Once retained we will:

  1. Determine the cause of whatever problems are extant for you;
  2. Define the solutions;
  3. Provide you with a cost estimate for the work;
  4. Provide bid sheets and evaluate bidders;
  5. Oversee the proper prosecution of the work.

Please call us for a free initial consultation – (888) 856-4254

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