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Kevin Doherty gives escalator safety tips on Good Morning America

Elevator and escalator safety expert Kevin J. Doherty appeared on Good Morning America early Monday, October 6, 2014, offering tips on how to safely ride an escalator in a “GMA on the Lookout” segment titled “The Unexpected Risks of Escalators”. Check out the video below, or read the full story from ABC News.

CBS special series ‘Brooklyn DA’ investigates elevator accident at Brooklyn Hospital

Kevin J. Doherty & Associates were prominently featured in a special CBS mini-series, “Brooklyn DA”, created by the team behind CBS “48 Hours”, after the producers selected to investigate the case of Debra Jordan, who was severely injured in an elevator accident that occurred on December 25, 2010. Kevin J. Doherty & Associates performed a thorough forensic investigation of the elevator and appeared on the series to discuss the case in depth. Members of our firm also received various production credits, including senior analyst Peter Ubriaco, who received two camera credits and whose footage was used extensively on the show. Watch the two episodes in which our firm appeared (episode 5 and episode 6, the final episode) below.

FOX 5 I-Team interviews Kevin Doherty regarding Fulton County elevators

FOX 5 Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell shares the story of Evelyn Shepherd, an employee for Fulton County, Georgia, who was riding an elevator at work when it plunged 8 stories into the pit. Kevin J. Doherty is interviewed and discusses the building’s abhorrent safety record.

Woman plunges 8 floors in malfunctioning elevator – MyFoxAtlanta

Elevator Expert Kevin Doherty Advises What To Do When Stuck In An Elevator

After the cast of ABC’s Modern Family became entrapped in an elevator before a charity fundraiser in Kansas City, Kevin J. Doherty & Associates was contacted by Inside Edition to discuss what to do when stuck in an elevator. Elevator expert Kevin Doherty gave three tips: stay calm, call for help, and wait it out. Read the full story by Inside Edition.

Elevator expert Kevin J. Doherty interviewed on Inside Edition

Major storms and elevator safety

New York – October 29, 4PM ET – Hurricane Sandy is prepared to make landfall shortly. We are advising the public in affected areas to avoid elevators until the storm has completely passed.

Major storms including hurricanes and tropical storms can disrupt electrical power distribution. Electrical disruptions and outages will cause elevator entrapments if the elevator is in use when power is lost. In order to avoid becoming entrapped, elevators must not be used until the storm has passed. If an entrapment occurs response times may be excessive if emergency personnel are unavailable or if roads are impassable.

Rescuing entrapped passengers presents significant hazards to the passengers and emergency personnel even when there is not a major storm taking place. Therefore it is imperative that the public avoid elevators until Hurricane Sandy has completely passed. If you become entrapped, never attempt to escape the disabled elevator; Use the emergency phone or alarm bell to signal for help and wait to be rescued by emergency personnel or elevator personnel.

For more information on Hurricane Sandy, visit the National Weather Service National Hurricane Center For other information on hurricane preparedness visit FEMA at

For information for building owners on how to prepare an elevator for a major storm or flood, check out Elevator World’s guide on preparing elevators for hurricanes.

Washington Heights building super hit by elevator while trying to get fallen keys

Multiple news agencies are reporting an incident that occurred Thursday, August 16, 2012, at about 8:40 a.m. According to the New York Post, the superintendent at 602 W. 190th Street was attempting to retrieve a set of keys after a passenger dropped the keys into the elevator pit.

The victim, who was not named in the reports, was apparently in the pit when he suffered head trauma after being struck by the elevator’s descending counterweight assembly. A typical counterweight assembly weighs thousands of pounds and travels at the same speed as the elevator, hundreds of feet per minute.

OSHA requirements generally define the elevator pit as a confined space, which should only be accessed by trained personnel. Only authorized elevator personnel should access the pit due to the hazards it presents.

Read the full story:

Woman crushed to death by elevator in Manhattan

Suzanne Hart, 41, was crushed to death on Wednesday morning when the elevator she was entering at 285 Madison Avenue moved upward without warning, pinning her in the gap between the hoistway wall and the elevator cab, crushing her lower body between the first and second floors, as two passengers looked on. They received treatment for psychological trauma. The aftermath of the impact was so severe it caused engineers to shut down the entire building due to structural concerns.

The New York City Department of Buildings is investigating the incident, and stated that electrical work that morning by the elevator contractor had become the focus of the investigation.

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Read the full story: Elevator Was Serviced Just Before Accident – NY Times, Elevator Work Under Review, Investigators Seek Cause of Accident That Killed Woman – Wall Street Journal

Press video of Brooklyn elevator injury broadcast nationally

Read the full story on ABC News – Repairman charged in Brooklyn elevator accident

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Doherty secures 5-count indictment in Brooklyn elevator injury

At a press conference on December 15th, 2011, Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes announces the indictment of an elevator repairman for reckless assault. Kevin J. Doherty’s efforts in the investigation which secured the indictment are acknowledged by DA Charles Hynes in the opening thanks and remarks.

Read the press release at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s website

Cal State University Long Beach employee crushed to death by elevator

48-year-old Annette Lujan of Huntington Beach, California, was crushed early Wednesday morning by an elevator on the third floor of the Foundation building at Cal State Long Beach University.

The elevator was stuck between floors and when Lujan tried to escape, the elevator dropped on her, pinning her between the top of the cab and the 3rd floor landing, according to Capt. Rich Brandt of the Long Beach Fire Department. According to a university spokesperson, a bystander was trying to assist Lujan out of the elevator.

Of the two elevators in the building, one elevator had been shut down weeks prior, including the day of the accident. The second elevator, where the accident occurred, remains out of service. Records indicate the elevator where the accident occurred was last inspected on April 5 and passed with no problems. OSHA was on site on Thursday investigating the accident, but there is no word yet on any findings.

Long Beach fire officials stressed the importance of staying inside the elevator, remaining calm, and waiting for trained rescuers when entrapments occur.

Read the full story: Woman killed in CSULB elevator – Daily 49er, Campus elevators to be inspected after death – Daily 49er