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Cal State University Long Beach employee crushed to death by elevator

48-year-old Annette Lujan of Huntington Beach, California, was crushed early Wednesday morning by an elevator on the third floor of the Foundation building at Cal State Long Beach University.

The elevator was stuck between floors and when Lujan tried to escape, the elevator dropped on her, pinning her between the top of the cab and the 3rd floor landing, according to Capt. Rich Brandt of the Long Beach Fire Department. According to a university spokesperson, a bystander was trying to assist Lujan out of the elevator.

Of the two elevators in the building, one elevator had been shut down weeks prior, including the day of the accident. The second elevator, where the accident occurred, remains out of service. Records indicate the elevator where the accident occurred was last inspected on April 5 and passed with no problems. OSHA was on site on Thursday investigating the accident, but there is no word yet on any findings.

Long Beach fire officials stressed the importance of staying inside the elevator, remaining calm, and waiting for trained rescuers when entrapments occur.

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