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At Kevin J. Doherty & Associates, we are committed to making our extensive evaluative resources available to responsible professionals to assure them of the quality of their elevating equipment or to determine the underlying cause of a malfunction. To those ends, our staff is exceptionally experienced, internationally certified, and amongst the most well trained and respected in the world.

Getting Results For Our Clients

Our consultants have a long and proven track record of getting results for our clients, both nationally and internationally.

Our consultants are some of the country’s most respected elevator and escalator consultants. Acting on our clients’ behalf, we have successfully investigated and resolved both systemic and intermittent elevator and escalator outages that, in many instances, were causing repeated passenger entrapments. Some representative cases include:

  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY (54 elevators)
  • Government of British Columbia, Canada (23,000 elevators)

Because of our firm’s outstanding reputation as personal injury litigation consultants, many of our clients come as referrals from other attorneys who have entrusted us with cases that were complex or needed to be tried before a jury.

Upon approval from our client, we will confer with other litigation consultants when preparing our opinions for trial or to obtain the proper applicable code or standard. There is simply no substitute for our professionalism and experience.

Testimonials from Past Clients

“Not only was [Kevin Doherty] articulate and extremely presentable at deposition, he was well prepared, insightful, and deliberate in his testimony. His fee was very reasonable and worth every penny. I am thoroughly convinced that Kevin Doherty would be an asset to anyone in need of an expert in the field of elevators, and I give my highest recommendation.”

Joel H. Kaufman, Esq.

“Kevin Doherty proved his worth in gold as an expert in a recent elevator negligence case. Kevin is very personable, articulate and knowledgeable, which enables him to explain the technical workings of an elevator in a manner that is easy for a layperson (and attorney) to understand. He ably assisted me in my preparation for the deposition of the defense’s expert witness. His technical knowledge helped me to frame specific and tightly formed questions which gave the defense expert little wiggle room. We were able to settle the case shortly after the deposition. His value exceeds his price.”

J. Rufus Farrior, Farrior & Associates